Imagine a world without modern slavery.  Impossible, right?  As much as we all hope and dream Human Trafficking were ended today, it's not as simple as just wishing for change.  Human Trafficking is a very complex issue, but you can make a difference.  There are specific steps you can take to achieve that goal. No man, woman or child should suffer at the hands of predators.

Education is the foundation of change.  RLRI offers a variety of certified classes and workshops that will dispel urban legends you may have absorbed from TV, movies and even social media.  RLRI has the most current, honest, real world information you can apply every day.  More than just a power point with dry statistics, our seminars are engaging and interactive.  Be confident going forward protecting your business and offering options to those in need.  You want to help.  Let us teach you how. 

Speaking out is important to enact improvement to the realities facing those trapped in the cycle of Human Trafficking.  Pasha Ripley, our Executive Director, and other staff members at RLRI have extensive public speaking experience.  Pasha has addressed hundreds at the Colorado State Capitol, participated with professional panels, been key note speaker at conventions, shared her story at other nonprofit fundraisers and often opens the conversation within town halls and church groups.  She has also made several television appearances including: ESPN, Montel, Inside Edition, 20/20 and local news programs.  No matter the size of your event, an informative, touching and even humorous presentation from RLRI is always a success.   

Statistical information varies widely depending on to whom you go for facts.  There is not yet a full compendium of the numbers or types of contact that travel and tourism businesses experience.  RLRI is working diligently to put into place a form you can use to easily submit information we can utilize exclusively dedicated to compiling accurate statistics about Human Trafficking issues faced specifically within this industry.  If you're interested in participating or if you'd like to submit data, please contact us and be heard.

International cooperation between support agencies is essential to ending world wide exploitation.  We're building bridges beyond our borders to share information with, learn from and encourage other law enforcement entities, travel and tourism businesses and humanitarians from around the world.  RLRI and other international agencies cooperate to abolish inter & intro-continental trade in precious human lives.  

Recently, a hotel owner lamented that they had a Human Trafficking situation at their business.  He wanted to help, but didn't know where to reach out.  Community Coordination going forward is necessary. RLRI organizes friendly, inclusive events that bring together travel and tourism businesses, local law enforcement agencies and nonprofits that provide direct services to individuals involved with Human Trafficking.  Exchanging information and getting to know one another is so important.  We're all on the same side.  Let's work together to end the tragedy of Human Trafficking.

We offer a  tailored program to address your concerns.

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Volunteering gives everyone the support needed to succeed wherever they are on their path through life.

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We have a simple, but robust mission: to curb the pervasive problem of Human Trafficking.  We want to make a difference.

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Did you know that you can be held legally and financially liable for Human Trafficking issues in your business?  There are international and federal laws already in place.  Most states in the US have legislation is being passed and established laws that may affect you.  Could you be prosecuted, even imprisoned due to Human Trafficking at your place of work?  Learn more about local and federal statutes and how they apply to you and your business.

Whether your organization is a hotel, truck stop, restaurant, bar, convention, law enforcement, victim advocacy, nonprofit or a community group, RLRI offers a certified workshop to address your specific needs.  Seminars don't have to be boring.  Typically an hour and a half long, our classes are not only informative, but interactive and engaging.  RLRI after worked with the an investigator from the FBI Lost Innocence Task Force, a CHA with 25 years experience, a clinical MSW and a survivor of sex and labor trafficking to assemble our unique curriculum that we tailor to your community and business.

Email us to schedule your workshops in person or via live skype or google hangout today.  

Certified Workshops

RLRI can moderate "mixers" between businesses and organizations that can help each other.  Working together, Hotel Associations, Law Enforcement, Nonprofits, and other groups can compare experiences and exchange contact information.  RLRI offers a brief, informative seminar and then welcome you to engage with one another.

What is Human Trafficking and how do you recognize it?  In your businesses and communities, you are already interacting with people associated with Human Trafficking.  How do you know who they are?  Once you identify them, what should you do or not do?  You need to protect your business and provide safety for your employees and other customers.  This certified workshop teaches you and your staff the basics of how to identify and address Human Trafficking where you are.

Services Coordination.

First hand accounts of Human Trafficking.  Moving narratives of victims/survivors/victors of modern slavery from different backgrounds.  Hear directly from perpetrators of Human Trafficking.  These touching, even humorous stories will touch your heart as you learn more about this important issue.

What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You!

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